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Did you ever receive a gift basket, and your initial response was, "WOW!" because the packaging really got your attention. . .only to open it and be underwhelmed by the contents? My gift basket philosophy is to create a basket that gives far beyond the initial response. I include modern brands you know, love, and trust, and which you will be proud to give. I will sometimes include a vintage element of some kind. Please scroll down to see samples of baskets I have made.  I will take orders for a custom basket, but I may need a few days' notice.  I will deliver gift baskets to addresses in Gloucester County, NJ, or you can pick up your basket at my place in Mantua Township. Delivery charge is $5.00 to Mantua Township and Pitman, and $10.00 to anywhere else in Gloucester County.    I accept Paypal and Venmo. Please click "contact" to arrange purchase and delivery. Thanks so much for checking out my stuff!

Halloween Basket

Tricks and treats for the person who always goes over the top for Halloween.

halloween complete basket.jpg
halloween contents.jpg
Children Lining for Treats

I remember growing up thinking that the moms who decorated their homes for Halloween were the coolest moms!

halloween close up 2.jpg


Contents includes:

  • ghost candy dish

  • "the witch is in" tabletop sign with easel

  • bag of skeleton drinking straws

  • spider web coffee mug

  • bag of Brach's candy corn

  • bag of Snickers fun-size candy bars

  • bag of Reese's fun-size peanut butter cups

I love this candy dish that is shaped like a ghost. You will notice that I often include a candy dish in my gift baskets, and that I usually have a candy dish out in my home. Check out my latest blog post for the thoughts behind "the power of the candy dish."

halloween close up.jpg

Apple Lovers Basket

Since the debate between apple lovers and pumpkin-spice lovers rages on, I have included a basket for each.

apple lovers complete.jpg
apple lovers contents.jpg
Red Apples
Organic Apples

We are fortunate in South Jersey to be apple to buy apples straight from the orchard. Check out my Facebook feed for links to the best places to buy or pick-your-own.

    Contents includes:

  • DW Home crisp apple and pear scented candle. (smells awesome!)

  • 2.75 oz. Pepper Creek Farms apple pie spice

  • 8.75 oz. Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Apple gentle foaming hand soap

  • Celestial Seasons Cinnamon Apple Spice tea bags (20 count)

  • apple-themed toothpick holder

Picking Apples in Orchard
apple lovers close up.jpg


Welcome Fall

For the person in your life who can't wait to see the leaves change.

woven raffia lunch tote basket .jpg


woven raffia basket contents.jpg

Contents include:

  • 12 oz. Pumpkin Spice ground coffee

  • 18.6 oz Krusteaz orange muffin mix

  • 16.2 oz Brach's candy corn

  • 2 wooden spoons/ one slotted

  • 3 fall-themed treat boxes with stickers/each holds 4 muffins or cupcakes

  • contained in a woven raffia lunch tote

Halloween Pumpkins
close up raffia lunch tote.jpg

Pumpkin Spice Kitchen

For the person in your life who has been waiting to taste pumpkin spice and everything nice about fall.

autumn basket with round baking dish.jpg


Holiday Pumpkins
close up pumpkin spice kitchen.jpg
contents round baking dish basket.jpg
Autumn Decoration

Contents include:

  • 12 oz. pumpkin spice ground coffee

  • 18.6 oz. Krusteaz cranberry-orange muffin mix

  • 8.75 oz. Bath and Body works pumpkin-apple foaming hand soap

  • Betty Crocker gingerbread cake and cookie mix

  • Jar of pumpkin pie spice

  • 16.2 oz. Brach's candy corn

  • 2 pumpkin-themed kitchen hand towels

  • 2 wooden spoons/(one slotted)

  • Round baking dish (Blue Jean Chef)

  • Candy dish (Pampered Chef)

  • mini decorative pumpkin and gourd

Autumn Decoration

Boho Beach Luxury

You must give this to the person who is hosting your Labor Day beach getaway. Believe me, they will love it.

boho beach basket.jpg


contents of boho beach basket.jpg
boho blanket.jpg

Contents include:

  • London Kaye decorative knit throw (50"x 60")

  • Bath and Body Works (White Barn) White Waves gentle foaming hand soap.

  • Bath and Body Works (White Barn) 3-wick candle (Sundrenched Linen)

  • Bath and Body Works moisturizing body cream (at the Beach)

  • Sand and sea colored "kisses" crockery

  • Boho seahorse mug

I fell in love with this gorgeous London Kay throw and had to include it in this luxury basket. I am big fan of London Kaye- a street artist and fellow lover of yarn. You can check her out here.


Back to School Basket #2

Here is a back-to-school basket that every teacher will love. I spent many years as a classroom teacher, and these items were chosen from practical experience. The basket includes practical use items, protein filled snacks and energy inducing drinks for busy mornings, as well as a few  goodies for students.

back to school basket 2.jpg
contents of back to school basket.jpg
Dr. Seuss mini notes.jpg

These 4" x 4" envelopes are handmade from vintage Dr. Seuss books. Inside is a blank note card for personalized messages to students. Notecards are headlined with "Way to Go!"

Contents include:

  • 12 Sharpie markers

  • 12 USA Titatium brand pencils

  • Eyeglass themed notebook/ruled pages

  • 10 ear-looped face masks

  • 4 oz. hand sanitizer pump spray

  • 15 anti-bacterial hand wipes

  • 2- 9 oz Starbucks Frappucino coffee drinks

  • 2- 10 oz Ocean Spray Cran-Energy drinks

  • 2 large coffee mugs (numbers and letters themed)

  • 3 packs Barnum Animal Crackers

  • 1 pack Wholesome Medley trail mix (gluten free)

  • 5-pack box of Made Good granola mini snacks (nut free)

  • 1- Kinder Bueno chocolate wafer bar

  • pack of 8 handcrafted mini teacher notes- made from vintage Dr. Seuss books

dr. seuss notes.jpg
close up back to school #2.jpg


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